Determination of GEO-coordinates

There are many ways to determine GEO coordinates. If you need your geo-coordinates for the entry in your profile at weatherstations-online, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Open in a browser Openstreetmap and enter your city there. Navigate on the map until you have chosen the right section.
  2. Down right on the map you will see the link “Permalink”. Click on it.
  3. The URL in your browser changes. You will see the parameters “lat” and “lon” in the URL (for example: “lat=51.3&lon=10.3”). Depending on the resolution of the map with up to five digits. Please enter these in your profile.
openstreetmap permalink
Zoom in Openstreetmap until the section fits. Then click on the “Permalink” link at the bottom right.
openstreetmap url
The URL changes. Here the geo-coordinates are visible.

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