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Customize your profile

In order to customize the profile, i.e. the data and pictures, for an account, you first need access to the account. If you own a weather station and you do not have access, please contact support via ticket. When you are logged in, a gear wheel appears next to your profile. Please click on it. …

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Determination of GEO-coordinates

There are many ways to determine GEO coordinates. If you need your geo-coordinates for the entry in your profile at weatherstations-online, we recommend the following steps: Open in a browser Openstreetmap and enter your city there. Navigate on the map until you have chosen the right section. Down right on the map you will see …

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Templates – How to connect your weather station to

In order for your current weather data to be displayed on, you must connect your weather station to our service. There are different possibilities for this. One possibility is that you provide the data via FTP in form of a template. We will now describe this possibility here. In order to be able to …

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