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  • Contact to all registered private weather stations
  • All links, texts and pictures are authorized by the station operators by registration with us

What’s happening?

In the meantime we have imported all previous user accounts. These are available for download. But the URL has changed. We are currently adding redirections so that the previous link redirects to the new target URL.
status: done

OPEN: Netatmo integration. The first Netatmo weather station is now online ( https://weatherstations-online.net/station/karlsruhe-oberreut ). If you want to provide your Netatmo weather station data here as well, please write a support ticket.

Previous pictures of the weather stations
Here we are currently looking for an optimal (automated) way to do this. At the moment it seems that this can only be done manually. We have saved all pictures. In case of need please contact the support.

Can owners of a weather station already log in?
No. We have taken over the accounts, but we have assigned the previous password again. If an owner of a weather station or an account wants to have access, please write a support ticket with further data.

It is now possible to reach the support via ticket system. Under the menu item “Knowledge Center” you can find the item “Helpdesk”.

We try to make the site completely bilingual. This is currently not yet completed to our satisfaction. We are working on it and ask for your indulgence.